Let’s be completely honest.

The only reason this blog exists is the innate human ability to wind ourselves up into a self-loving stupor, and as such find our thoughts incredibly meaningful. We think we impress everyone else with it, and we probably do if they were as shallow as you consider them to be now that you’ve impressed them, and feel incredibly special in being able to tap into this inquisitive, conflicting part of ourselves, reaching higher levels of “thought”. That’s complete bullshit. Continue reading


Home (?)

I left this blog for a while, seeking to fully enjoy being home, and engaging in fully personal experiences. I’ve become closer friends with some I never expected to, and even better, made new friends with interesting lives and stories.

Growing up, it was hard not to associate people to a certain group or stereotype. I guess thats what a “harmonious, multicultural” society brings about. I guess we fell into it, as we were taught to. Continue reading

What Journey?



How young were we when we learned how to construct cages from within, and bind ourselves to our lessons, and teach ourselves to forget how to unlock the locks we built? How difficult it must have been to wipe out our childlike fascination with the world, the courage that came with it, and the lack of a need to justify everything with rationale? Yet, it was easy. Continue reading

Flawed Patriot

The Flawed Patriot holds in high esteem everything to do with his country, and most importantly, its politics. He isn’t ignorant of everywhere else, and carries the burden of the occasional battle between global citizen movements, and those that serve the interest of his country alone. In an age where information lies at our fingertips, and we are dragged into global crisis, it is hard to remain a patriot, and yet, it is all too easy to be caught up in doing so.

Globally, lines are blurring. The segregation of people by nationality is something almost unnecessarily still intact. Everywhere, countries face the same phenomena that they all call out as an “issue” or “crisis”. The Flawed Patriot knows immigration is a threat to the welfare of his people, but he also sees, and understands why immigration isn’t completely the problem. The refugee crisis places the Flawed Patriot in a rather sticky situation. He struggles between caring for the world as a whole and making lives better for everyone; and holding in higher regard the people of his own country. After all, our governments serve our interests first (or theirs).

But when both of these interests overlap, and one seems to find itself in danger by the other, the Flawed Patriot wants to override his moral instinct, Continue reading

Empty (or not)

A response to the daily prompt Empty.

It isn’t often at all, that I believe in signs and signals, but my brain loves patterns. I love connections and similarities and repeated occurrences I can pin a sign to, a signal of some sort. I’ve been seeing the word ’empty’ a lot. First, upon glancing at my bank balance and then hearing it uttered on the lips of someone I care for, and then reading about it whilst scrolling the endless sappy shared-on-Facebook-esque self-help articles. Now that I’ve seen it is also a prompt, I think the universe wants me to stare this word in the face and tackle it head on, and place it in the cosmos appropriately. Or maybe the universe just wants to expand and do its thing, and I’m seeing a pattern that is instead the introspective side of myself going “HEY, EMPTY, THATS YOU. Continue reading